The Company's Business Operations

Metro Global Holdings Corporation is a holding company. The Company has investments in Metro Rail Transit Holdings I and Metro Rail Transit Holdings II – parent company of Metro Rail Transit Corporation (MRTC), thus, resulting in an indirect 29% equity interest in MRTC. The Company has 28.47% direct equity interest in Monumento Rail Transit Corporation and 15.79% direct equity in MRT Development Corporation.

Metro Global Holdings Corporation has subsidiaries:

  1. MGHC Royal Holdings Corporation (MGHC Royal) (99%) incorporated on May 19, 2017, engage in the business to invest or purchase, otherwise acquire, and own, hold, use, sell, assign, transfer, pledge, exchange, or otherwise dispose of real and personal property of every kind and+ description.
  2. Metro Renewable Transport Solutions, Inc. (Metro Transport) (100%) incorporated on August 25, 2020, engage in infrastructure development or providing services in relation with and in connection thereto, including but not limited to the construction of whatever kind and nature and for whatever purpose, buildings, needs, bridges, railways, ports, highways and other passages and facilities for transportation and communication.

The business activities of Metro Global Holdings Corporation (the Parent Company) arise from its investments in the equity of the MRTH I and MRTH II. Hence, the Parent Company has no principal products or services, nor does it derive revenues or sales from any products or services. No part of the Parent Company’s revenues or income over the last three years has been derived from any foreign sales. Corollary, the Parent Company has no requirement for any distribution methods that would otherwise be needed for any products or services. Since the Parent Company’s inception, it has had nor publicly-announced new product or services.